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4 Quick Tips for Integrating ThinkCERCA into Your Curriculum

We're often asked by our community of educators for fast and easy ways  to use ThinkCERCA as a core supplement to existing curriculum. Because saving teachers valuable prep time is one of our top priorities, we put together our best tips for quickly finding the lessons and resources you need to integrate ThinkCERCA into your classroom.

First, stop by our Resources Page and click on the magnifying glass just beneath the Sign Up button in the upper right-hand corner to reveal our search bar. From there, you can quickly search for differentiated, standards-aligned lessons by typing in:

  1. Strand or Standard
  2. Grade
  3. Theme
  4. Novel

Search Bar- Government

Enter your criteria, and presto! The results will list out applicable curriculum integration guides that fellow teachers and our Success Team have created.

Search Results

Find something you like but want more? Use the tags within a particular curriculum integration guide to dig deeper.


Every guide comes equipped with searchable tags by Common Core Standard, grade, and themes.
Resources Tagged: CCSS. CCRA. R.8


Still can't find what you need? As always, feel free to contact support@thinkcerca.com with any requests.

Want to see another how-to guide? Interested in more quick tips? Don't be shy! Leave us your ultimate "wish list" in the comments section below.

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