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7 Steps to Take for Onboarding 101

7 Steps to Take for Onboarding 101 (w/Clever SIS)


Welcome to ThinkCERCA! We are here to guide you through a seamless onboarding process with Clever SIS. Below are 7 steps you can take now to start using ThinkCERCA in your classrooms today! 

Getting Started with ThinkCERCA

  1. Login Using Clever (If you have rostering through Clever) Link to Guide ➜
  1. Claim Your Classes Link to Guide ➜
    • On the Classes tab of learn.thinkcerca.com click Create Your Class.
    • Select SIS as your rostering method.
    • Select Your Classes.

  2. Explore the Library (Netflix for Literacy!) 
    • See a Video Overview Here: Exploring the Library.
    • See the ThinkCERCA tab for Close Reading and Writing Lessons (7+ per year for fidelity).
    • See Direct Instruction and Skills Lessons tab for Interventions.
    • See the Browse Tab for all lessons, subjects, and grade levels.

  3. Assign Lessons Link to Guide ➜
  4. Start with a Topic Your Students Will Like
    • Navigate to the library and the ThinkCERCA Tab.
    • Select your grade and subject.
    • Assign a lesson based on a topic related to your instruction that students will like!
    • Assign Related Lessons (Direct Instruction, Skills Practice, Additional Reading Practice.

  5. Use Our Linguistics Course (Foundational Reading) 
    • Use our Linguistics Course to teach Reading Foundations for grades 6-12.
    • Through October, this PDF will provide direct links. November 2023 we’ll launch the course in the platform, which will allow you to assign multiple lessons at once. Some students may not need the interactive decoding instruction, but readings will apply!

  6. Custom Lessons and Accessibility Features

We also have all the resources you need to support your students in these programs.

We are here to support you. Please reach out for an implementation session with our team!