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'Forbes' Features Abby Ross's Leadership Lessons for Women in Tech

The tech sector can be a notoriously difficult place for women. From distasteful gaffes to a small number of women represented on boards, it's easy to see why. Yet, despite these hurdles, ThinkCERCA COO Abby Ross says the startup space hasn't been an issue for her.

Maybe it’s the dynamic between me and my co-founder, Eileen Murphy Buckley, or the fact that we’re an ed-tech company that operates in a female-dominated industry (nearly two-thirds of teachers in the U.S. are women). I’d like to think it’s because we built an amazing product that helps great teachers teach better.

In addition, Abby has a few tips for surviving this male-dominated field, which she shared via a guest blog post on Forbes.

Read Abby's leadership tips here >>


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