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From Ancient History to Current Events: New Social Studies Leveled Lessons

We've added two new sets of social studies leveled lessons this week: one for world history, and the other for civics and current events. Both sets support the Common Core Reading and Writing Social Studies standards and the C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards.

The Afterlife in Ancient Egypt: How did the ancient Egyptians’ beliefs about an afterlife affect their everyday lives and their burial practices? In these world history lessons, students read about the different kinds of evidence archaeologists study to better understand the values and beliefs of an ancient culture. View lessons >>

Modern Protest: What is the most effective way to organize a protest? In these lessons, students analyze multiple written and visual texts, including photographs, infographics, and graphs of data, to better understand different forms of protest. These lessons would work particularly well in a civics or government class and are a great way to engage your students in current events discussions about many of the protest movements they see on the news. View lessons >>

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