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CERCA Now: What Can Animals Teach Humans?


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ELEMENTARY: A Symbol of Peace: The Giant Panda


MIDDLE: A Purr-fect Way to Build Up Bones

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HIGH SCHOOL: Primate Brains May Explain Humans’ Fear of Snakes

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Q1 2022 Custom Lesson


Should classrooms or schools be allowed to have pets?

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Some people believe that zoos are important for helping people understand and protect animals. Others believe they are bad for animals. Do you believe that zoos are still a good idea, so long as zookeepers treat animals well?

➡️ Modern Zoos


Humans learn from animal psychology and medical research, leading to improvements for all humans. What do researchers say animals can teach us about love?

➡️ Do Animals Fall in Love?

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CERCA Slides: Nature Poetry

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