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Black History Month 2022



February is Black History Month! In order to celebrate throughout the month of February, the ThinkCERCA team has curated some of our favorite lessons that highlight the accomplishments of Black Americans. All of these lessons come with accompanying CERCA Slides. 

Here are just a few we are highlighting today:

Grade 3-5: Muhammad Ali: Portrait of Growth and Change | CERCA Slides

Grade 6-8: Athletes, Activism, and Impact | CERCA Slides

Grade 7: Bayard Rustin | CERCA Slides

Grade 7: Misty Copeland | CERCA Slides 

Grade 9: Jackie Robinson: Civil Rights On The Playing Field | CERCA Slides

Grade 9-10: Ali’s Continued Influence | CERCA Slides

Grade 10: Toussaint Louverture | CERCA Slides

Grade 11: Fannie Lou Hamer's Dauntless Fight For Black Americans' Right To Vote | CERCA Slides

Grade 11-12: Black Images Matter and the Iconography of Muhammad Ali | CERCA Slides

Grade 12: Chadwick Boseman | CERCA Slides 

Grade 12: Frederick Douglass and The North Star | CERCA Slides 

Grade 12: Joséphine Baker | CERCA Slides

Grade 12: Shirley Chisholm: Presidential Candidacy Announcement | CERCA Slides