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Black History Month 2024


As we honor Black History Month,  the ThinkCERCA team is excited to round up some of our favorite Lessons that highlight the remarkable contributions of Black leaders, innovators, and activists. These Lessons offer a unique opportunity for educators and students to delve into the rich tapestry of Black history, exploring pivotal moments, influential figures, and enduring legacies. Join us in celebrating the diverse narratives and invaluable contributions shaping our world.

Here are just a few lessons we are highlighting today:

Longer Works

✅ Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

Writing Lessons

✅ Grades 3-12: Juneteenth

✅ Grade 3-12: Muhammad Ali

✅ Grade 3: How has artist Tyler Gordon used painting to inspire others?

✅ Grade 4: What is the most important lesson we can learn from Lynda Blackmon Lowery’s story?

✅ Grade 7: Bayard Rustin

Grade 7: Misty Copeland 

✅ Grade 9: Jackie Robinson: Civil Rights On The Playing Field

✅ Grade 10: What similarities and differences exist in how Toussaint Louverture's legacy as a revolutionary figure is represented across these primary and secondary sources?

✅ Grade 11: Fannie Lou Hamer's Dauntless Fight For Black Americans' Right To Vote

✅ Grade 12: How might Frederick Douglass's newspaper, The North Star, have fuelled the anti-slavery movement?

✅ Grade 12: How did twentieth-century icon Josephine Baker use her skills as a communicator to advance social and political causes?

✅ Grade 12: Chadwick Boseman

✅ Grade 12: Shirley Chisholm: Presidential Candidacy Announcement

Reading Practice

Grades 3-5: This Is Simone: Read the Story of Simone Biles

Grades 3-5: Let’s Celebrate Emancipation Day & Juneteenth

Grades 3-5: Arts and Entertainment (excerpts from The Harlem Renaissance)

Grades 6-8: James Baldwin

Grades 9-10: Wilma Rudolph: The Potential for Greatness

Grades 9-10: Timely Leader

Grades 9-10: President Mandela

Grade 10: Student Exemplar: The Black Family Dream

Grade 11-12: Excerpt from Pride

Grade 11-12: Langston Hughes’ Hidden Influence on MLK

Grade 12: Phenomenal Woman