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Back from Break with Something for Everyone! New ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies Lessons

We've got something new for everyone this week: a set of ELA informational text leveled lessons; a Minilesson for foundational instruction in math; and free science and social studies close reading lessons.

Our new premium subscription content includes:

Student Free Speech: To what extent should students be allowed to exercise free speech? These Policy and Debate lessons give students an opportunity to write arguments about a highly relevant and engaging topic: their own rights to free speech as students. View lessons >>

What Is a Math Argument? Prepare your students for success on ThinkCERCA's new math content with this foundational instructional lesson that explains the basic components of a great math argument. Choose the right level for your students: Grades 3-5 or Grades 6-12.

And two new free close reading lessons!

Not for Everyone: This world history lesson explores a practice that archaeologists don't yet fully understand: tattooing in Ancient Egypt. This would be a great lesson to pair with our recent Afterlife in Ancient Egypt leveled social studies set.

Microbes: The Good, the Bad, and the Nasty: Do your students know there's a whole ecosystem of microbes living inside them? This biology lesson describes how these microbes work together to keep the body healthy--and what happens when they get out of balance. This lesson would pair well with our Homeostasis leveled science set.

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