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CERCA Now: President's Day 2023


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Additional reading practice, comprehension checks, and discussion questions in under 15 minutes!


ELEMENTARY: Brothers in Spirit, Brothers in Liberation


MIDDLE: Off to Blab School


HIGH SCHOOL: Tracing a Line from the First Black Slave to the First Black President


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What quality or trait is the most important for a president to have? (Honesty, kindness, bravery, wisdom, etc.)

🎦Kid President


Should Presidents' Day be a school day devoted to understanding our democratic processes and the role of individuals in them?



How do presidents use the occasion of the presidential portrait as a platform to broaden perspectives of themselves and the presidency? (Choose several presidential portraits and compare and contrast them based on various aspects of setting, clothing, pose, expression, etc.)

➡️See the presidential portraits and many more at National Portrait Gallery

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• Direct Instruction in Key Skills and Concepts
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In this lesson, students will learn techniques for reading visual sources, such as timelines, maps, charts and graphs, and political cartoons.

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CERCA Slides: Leadership

CERCA Slides provide one or more weeks of instruction. Whether students are remote, hybrid, or in a traditional classroom environment, teachers can use ThinkCERCA’s ready-made interactive lessons!

Social Studies-themed CERCA slides take up the compelling question, “What makes a good leader?” From an upper elementary investigation of students as “researcher-leaders” to multisource engagement with historical figures including Toussaint Louverture and Clara Barton, the focus is on their ideas, initiative in times of crisis, and enduring impact.

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