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New Lessons This Week: Mahatma Gandhi, Voting and Civil War

We're excited to share four new sets of social studies lessons for Grades 3, 4, and 5 this week. They're all Common Core-aligned and also support the C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards.

Mahatma Gandhi: How did Gandhi encourage nonviolence throughout the world through his writings? These lessons give students practice making arguments about one of the great civil rights leaders in world history. They also pair well with discussions of many current events involving civil rights and protest. View lessons >>

Women in War: What are the opportunities and challenges of women fighting in combat? These lessons give students practice focusing on the structure and organization of an argument while learning about great women soldiers from U.S. history. View lessons >>

Voting: Should the United States consider modifying the way citizens elect their leaders? These lessons give student practice making arguments about the social studies discipline of civics. View lessons >> 

Economic Strategies in the Civil War: What role did economics play in the outcome of the Civil War? These lessons give students practice analyzing visual sources as they gain background knowledge about the Civil War. View lessons >>

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