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Crack the Code of Math Literacy with Our New Ciphers Lessons

Our new set of differentiated math literacy lessons gives students the opportunity to put their math knowledge to the test in creating and breaking codes.

Ciphers: How can people use math to encode and decode messages? (CCSS.MP7) In these lessons, students read about different kinds of mathematical ciphers, analyze one example of a cipher, and then create and use their own ciphers to encode messages.

This set also includes a new pair of Direct Instruction lessons on Mathematical Practice 7:

We've also got two new multimedia Additional Reading Practice lessons based on videos from our partners at We The Voters.

  • Run Rep Runa short documentary about the first campaign of a young Latina politician running for state representative in Massachusetts (CCSS.RI.9-10.6)
  • So You Think You Can Vote?a video exploring the history of the expansion of suffrage in the United States, particularly focused on the Voting Rights Act and current voting limitations (CCSS.RI.11-12.8)
Use these lessons to get your students engaged in thinking about U.S. politics during this election season, and for related resources and activities, be sure to check out ThinkCERCA's Teach the Election site.

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