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Differentiated Lessons to Gear Students Up for National History Day

With winter break officially over, we've heard from lots of ThinkCERCA teachers about their plans to kick off National History Day projects over the coming weeks. Every year, students across the globe spend months researching, analyzing, and preparing for NHD's annual History Day Contest in June. Although the big contest doesn't happen for a while, local NHD contests and events are kicking off soon. As part of this process, students prepare a final presentation (paper, exhibit, performance, documentary, or website) about a topic of their choosing, as long as it relates to the annual theme. This year's theme is Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History. According to NHD, "The intentional selection of the theme for NHD is to provide an opportunity for students to push past the antiquated view of history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical content to develop perspective and understanding."

In addition to the awesome resources and lesson plan materials NHD offers on its website, we've put together a list of our own differentiated close reading and writing lessons to help teachers prepare students for this year's contest:

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