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New Differentiated Social Studies Literacy Lesson Sets

We have a bunch of new social studies literacy lessons for your students this week! These world history lessons focus on cause and effect and support both Common Core Reading and Writing History and Social Studies standards and the C3 Framework.

The Black Death: What were the short- and long-term effects of the Black Death? These lessons provide an opportunity for students to understand and describe the effects of one of the most devastating plagues in history. View lessons >>

The Ancient Maya: What does the way that the ancient Maya interacted with the environment and the people around them reveal about their cultural values? In these lessons, students analyze the interactions between people, geography, and culture in the world of the ancient Maya. View lessons >>

British Imperialism in East Africa: How did British imperialism in East Africa affect both the indigenous people and the imperialists? In this Grade 9-10 lesson designed to help high school students practice DBQ-style questions such as they will see on AP history tests and state assessments, students analyze primary sources from both native East Africans and British Imperialists to understand the effects of imperialism.  View lesson >>

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