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Build Your Students' Math Literacy Skills: Geometry in Architecture

This week we're excited to add geometry lessons to our new math literacy offering. These lessons are based in engaging, real-world scenarios and give students an opportunity to practice their skills in math modeling.

Architecture: Why is geometry important in architecture? In these lessons, students study real-world scenarios facing architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Santiago Calatrava. Then they apply their geometry content knowledge and math modeling skills to solving architecture problems. View lessons >>

To accompany this differentiated geometry set, we also have a new Minilesson to introduce or provide a refresher on math modeling for your students.

Modeling with Mathematics (CCSS.MP4): In this lesson, students will learn how to use models to solve math problems, including contextualizing and decontextualizing from models. Choose the level that's right for your students: Grade 3-5 or Grade 6-12.

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We also have new direct instruction Minilessons to introduce two speaking and listening activities for your whole class and to introduce key argumentation concepts and vocabulary in Spanish for emerging bilingual students.

The Debate Game: This direct instruction lesson teaches your students the rules of and reasons for the Debate Game before they play. Assign lesson >>          View handouts and resources >>

Socratic Discussion: For another speaking and listening option, introduce your students to the millennia-old format of Socratic discussion, perfect to bring the whole class together around the Key Question of any CERCA set. Assign lesson >>          View handouts and resources >>

We also have two new direct instruction Minilessons in both Spanish and English about fundamental elements of argumentation:

Why Do We Make Arguments? (CCSS.CCRA.R.8)

Summarizing (CCSS.CCRA.R.2)


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