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Go Green with ThinkCERCA: Differentiated Literacy Lessons for Earth Day

Next Friday, April 22, is Earth Day. This annual event, which began as a grassroots movement in 1970, is now a global celebration of the environment and the power of human ideas to solve environmental issues. We at ThinkCERCA view this green holiday as an opportunity to get students reading about, writing about, and discussing environmental issues. And guess what? We’ve got all the lessons you need to do just that! Did we mention that by assigning these paperless lessons, you’ll be saving some trees too?

Independent Reading Lessons

Endangered Species: Who, What, and Why
What causes species to become endangered or extinct?
Grades 3-5, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

Got Garbage?
Is there anything beneficial about garbage?
Grades 3-5, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

Saving Water
How did Krystal and her classmates work to solve the problem that the world does not have enough usable water?
Grades 3-5, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

Is geoengineering a promising way of combating climate change, or should people take responsibility and stop burning fossil fuels and creating garbage?
Grades 6-8, CCSS.CCRA.R.6

Wind Energy a Wise Investment
Why is wind energy a wise investment?
Grades 6-8, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

Vanishing Glaciers
What is the most dangerous potential impact of melting glaciers?
Grades 6-8, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

Scientists Seek a Newer, Cheaper Solar Panel
What are the benefits of the new solar panel material?
Grades 9-10, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

The Power of Movement
Who is responsible for making sure we leave a “green” imprint on the planet for future generations?
Grades 9-10, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

Saving a Town with Renewable Energy
How did the population of Gussing turn their problem into an opportunity?
Grades 9-10 CCSS.CCRA.R.8

Biofuels: Fuel for the Future or Foolishness?
Are alternative energy sources really any better than fossil fuels?
Grades 9-10, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

How the Solar Plant Works
Is solar power a viable solution to the world’s energy issues?
Grades 11-12, CCSS.CCRA.R.6

Experts Set Threshold for Climate-Change Calamity
With evidence pointing to rising carbon dioxide levels being the main cause of climate change, why are our governments so slow to make changes, and what action can the global community take to reverse this?
Grades 11-12, CCSS.CCRA.R.8

New Technologies Harvest Energy from Movements, Sound and More
What are the pros and cons of trying to replace batteries with power generated by users' own actions?
Grades 11-12, CCSS.CCRA.R.6

Differentiated Lesson Sets for Grades 4-12 (Premium Content)

Energy Policy
Which energy policy would make the United States most environmentally friendly?

Human and Animal Interactions
What positive and negative effects do human activities have on endangered animals?

Human Impact on Insect Biodiversity
What positive and negative effects do humans have on insect populations?

Personal Energy Use
What choices can an individual make to have an impact on energy use?

Food and Our Environment
How do personal food choices make an impact on the environment?

Human Impact on Oceans
What are the causes and potential solutions to problems humans have brought to our oceans?

Endangered Animals
What role should people play in saving endangered animals?
RI.1; W.1

Nature Poetry
How do poets see themselves and their humanity reflected in the natural world?
RL.2; W.2

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