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History, Science, and ELA -- New Lessons Now Live!

We've added two new differentiated history sets this week. These lessons cover world and U.S. history, and support both the Common Core Reading and Writing History standards and the C3 Framework for the Social Studies.

The Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece: What values and beliefs of ancient Greek culture are reflected in its art and architecture? These world history lessons give students an opportunity to synthesize written and visual texts to better understand Ancient Greece through its lasting artistic contributions to the world. View lessons >>

Immigration through Ellis Island: How did individuals’ experiences at Ellis Island both affect their lives and reflect the changes taking place in the United States at the time? In these U.S. history lessons, students read and analyze historical articles and primary source documents to describe the experience of people who immigrated through Ellis Island to the United States. View lessons >>

In addition to these premium subscription lesson sets, we have tons of new QuickCERCAs across subject areas: ELA, world history, U.S. history, science, social impact--a little something for everyone!

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Grade 3-5

Liberty's Skin and Bones - This article combines art, architecture, engineering, and history to tell the story of the Statue of Liberty's creation.

Grade 6-8

The Past Is Present: Just a Ferry Ride Away - Your students can take a "virtual tour" through the Ellis Island museum to extend our new Immigration lesson set.

Do Plants Have a Nervous System? - Learn about the incredible Mimosa plant, which scientists believe may indicate that plants have a primitive nervous system.

Harriet Tubman, the Woman Called Moses - This biography of the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad is powerful and inspirational.

Grade 9-10

Chirping Pyramids - Read about the incredible architecture and acoustics of the ancient Mayans.

Fighting Words - Learn about dissenting speech--and the limits on it--during the Civil War.

Grade 11-12

Mizzou Players Show the Power of Unity Through Boycott - Want to discuss some of the current events around race in the United States with your students? This article describes one protest by football players at the University of Missouri and puts this action in historical context.

Tracking Down an Ancient Killer - In this article, science and history blend to explain how scientists are using mummies to better understand a deadly modern disease.

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