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Huffington Post: ThinkCERCA COO on Creating Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

For businesses trying to solve tough challenges (like the ones facing our education system), the traditional startup route isn't necessarily an option, as Huffington Post pointed out in a recent post.

In a country that increasingly evaluates entrepreneurs in game show format (along with singers, chefs, designers, dieters, lovers, fill-in-the-blank), how can socially responsible startups ever capture the public's attention?

In response, ThinkCERCA COO shared her thoughts on ThinkCERCA and the direction it took to tackle education's big and very real problems.

To solve a massive problem like literacy, we needed to build a simple solution for a complex problem," Ross explains. "Some people wanted us to either be a content lesson publisher or a platform of tools. Impact Engine gave us the confidence to build both. And because we took that hard road, it's the only thing allowing us to scale, reach more students, and help schools achieve the only thing in this business that matters the most: student outcomes.

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