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CERCA Now: Images


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Try our QuickCERCAs

Additional reading practice, comprehension checks, and discussion questions in under 15 minutes!

CERCA Now Art 1


Algorithm Art

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CERCA Now Art 2


Check 'em Out! A Collection of Extraordinary Libraries

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CERCA Now Art 3


A GPS-Guided Robot Paints a Community Mural at CAB

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Custom Lessons

Did you know that you can create your own Close Reading & Writing Lessons in ThinkCERCA? 

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How do artists use public spaces share their imaginations?

Video Resource



How do some artists use visual art to tell stories of their experiences?

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How does "Cover the Grid" tell a story of community involvement?

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Direct Instruction Lessons

Try our leveled direct instruction lessons for key skills and concepts. Audio support and comprehension checks are included.


Analyzing Text Features

CERCA Slides

Ready-made interactive lessons providing 1+ weeks of instruction for remote, hybrid, or traditional classroom environments. View our growing list of 60+ CERCA Slide sets.

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Art and Arch in Ancient Greece

What can a building—or a piece of art—tell us about a culture, a civilization? With this week’s set of CERCA Slides, students examine multiple sources to learn about ancient Greece and its legacies.

Archaeological evidence—from wall paintings of monkeys to domestic floor plans—offer insights into everything from ancient trade networks to the role of women in the city-state of Athens.

CERCA Slides Student Guides Pear Deck