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Join the Innovators at EdTech Collaborative's 2015 Personalized Learning Summit

As former teachers and administrators, we know how time consuming the process of looking for and vetting new ed tech tools can be. And we also understand how important it is to hear from other teachers about what's working (and not working) in the classrooms. With this in mind, we're excited to partner on the EdTech Collaborative's 3rd Annual Personalized Learning Summit, which brings together educators and entrepreneurs to advance and showcase innovation in education.

Join us July 23 and 24, 2015, for a free event that gives teachers and administrators hands-on access to cutting-edge educational tools. The summit offers opportunities for professional development, hands-on exploration of new technology, and networking with fellow innovators. It's our goal for every teacher to walk away with an action plan for their school.

The Education Technology Start-up Collaborative connects teachers and school leaders with entrepreneurs in educational technology to build a community that supports all levels of learners. Its Personalized Learning Summit is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a better way to bring tech into the classroom, whether they're already an innovator or just getting started.

The first day of the summit—Thursday, July 23—is designed for administrators focusing on how technology fits into the school, with an opportunity to earn Illinois Administrators' Academy (IAA) credit. The second day includes programs to help educators face everyday challenges in the classroom, including school success stories.

The summit is also an opportunity for education technology companies to get feedback from teachers and administrators to improve upon their products, featuring the Personalized Learning Showcase Room packed with information.

Attendees can choose from three different professional development tracks at the summit: integrating technology in STEAM classes, literacy, and classroom and administrative management. Each track features experts on discipline-specific content and access to vetted educational resources.

The Personalized Learning Summit is designed to ensure every innovator leaves with a concrete plan for using technology to connect with every type of learner.

EdTech Collaborative’s 3rd Annual Personalized Learning Summit is at Tribeca Flashpoint College in Chicago on July 23 and 24, 2015. Sign up for free at www.EdTechCollaborative.org. Startups are required to fill out an application form by July 18.

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