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Leveled Lesson Ideas for Presidents’ Day

Four Score and Seven CERCAs ago…

So President Lincoln didn’t exactly use the CERCA Framework to write the Gettysburg Address. However, he delivered a powerful argument that day to a public that had grown tired of the conflict in their country. In two minutes, the president restored the public’s faith in the United States and the efforts of the Civil War.

While addressing the crowd at the National Cemetery of Gettysburg, President Lincoln reminded the audience of the principles upon which the Founding Fathers built this country: freedom and equality. Citing the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln reassured the nation of the war’s progress and reasoned with the sacrifices of those who gave their lives to the cause. The Gettysburg Address is just one reason why Lincoln is remembered as one of the best orators of all time.

The ability to speak persuasively and effectively is a common strength nearly all presidents of the United States have possessed. From the annual State of the Union to times of crisis, it is the duty of national leaders to lay out sound arguments for citizens on a daily basis.   

With the upcoming elections for our 45th president later this year, it is important to identify what makes a good president as we assess the candidates vying for the top spot. As the Founders intended, it is not only our right, but our civic duty to vote.

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Free Close Reading Lessons

Applied Argumentative Writing Lessons

Differentiated Lesson Sets for Grades 4-12

  • Conflict and Character How do different characters respond to conflict? (CCSS.CCRA.R.6; CCSS.W.1)
  • Electoral College Should we continue to use the Electoral College as part of the process of electing a President in the United States? (CCSS.CCRA.R.4; CCSS.W.2)
  • Perseverance How do we overcome challenges in our country, our communities, and our lives?(CCSS.CCRA.R.3; CCSS.W.2)
  • Overcoming Obstacles How do characters develop as they face conflicts and overcome obstacles? (CCSS.CCRA.W.3; CCSS.W.3)

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