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New Leveled Physics and Life Science Lessons

We've added two new sets of leveled science lessons this week. These lessons cover physics and life science and support both the Common Core Reading and Writing Science standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

The Science of Sound: How are sounds created and heard? These lessons combine physics and life science to give students an opportunity to learn and use new scientific vocabulary about sound waves and the biology of hearing. View lessons >>

The Human Nervous System: How does the human nervous system work? In these life science lessons, students learn how the various parts of the nervous system work together, how the brain can rewire itself through learning, and how scientists are making incredible advances in the technology of fixing the system if it breaks down. View lessons >>

In addition to these premium subscription lesson sets, we have several new free close reading lessons, focusing this week on solving global problems of economics and disease.

An Unlikely Plant Could Fuel Africa's Economic Engine
Why NFTE Makes Sense in Chicago Schools
Introducing the Girl Effect Accelerator (includes video!)
The Global Good Fund
We The Economy: The Ebola Economy (includes video!)

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