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New Leveled Science Lessons for Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering

This week we've got three new sets of leveled science lessons. These lessons, in engineering, physical science (chemistry), and life science (biology), support CCSS reading and writing science standards as well as Next Generation Science Standards.

Where No One Has Gone Before: How do engineers help people explore dangerous or distant places in the universe? These lessons given students an opportunity to learn about amazing modern engineering feats while also evaluating the way in which authors structure and present information. View lessons >>

The Chemistry of Cooking: How can cooks use their knowledge of chemistry to make smart decisions in the kitchen? In these lessons, students learn about some of the chemical reactions that cooks use to manipulate the texture and flavor of foods and some easy-to-do investigations that you can try in class! View lessons >>

MetamorphosisHow do certain insect species experience metamorphosis? In these lessons, students read about how and why different species of insects experience metamorphosis and evaluate the effectiveness of the structure and format of the lessons. View lessons >>

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