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New Narrative Writing Lessons and Spanish-Language Lessons

Give your students the opportunity to write about their experiences and their perspectives about the world with our new set of ELA narrative writing lessons.

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Through Their Eyes: How do authors use point of view and perspective to affect their readers’ experience of a story? In this narrative writing set, students read short fiction with unique perspectives from favorite authors such as Naomi Shihab Nye, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, James Joyce, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Students use these classic tales as models for their own personal narratives focusing on point of view and perspective. View lessons >> 

We also have new close reading lessons in Spanish and English:

Where Do You Keep Your Skeleton?¿Dónde guardas tu esqueleto? (Grade 3-5): Students learn about the different kinds of skeletons animals have to keep them safe.
Listening to Elephants / Escuchando a los elefantes (Grade 6-8): Students read about a study on the sounds elephants make to communicate among themselves.


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