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Breaking down ThinkCERCA’s New Foundational Reading and Linguistics Course


The ThinkCERCA team is thrilled to unveil our newest addition: 6-12 Foundational Reading and Linguistics Course. The Foundational Reading program is designed for students in grades 6-12 who are struggling with word recognition, phonological awareness, and decoding. 

When you log in, you’ll notice the new Courses tab. Click there. Once there, you'll see the 6-12 Foundational Reading and Linguistics course. Click on a Unit and have fun exploring our new offering.

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The Reading Problem

ThinkCERCA's Foundational Reading program is designed to provide adolescent students with age-appropriate instruction in phonetic concepts and decoding. Our goal is to remove the stigma associated with struggling readers and create a positive learning experience for all students. By incorporating linguistic principles into our program, we help students understand the 'why' behind language rules and word origins. With approximately 100 days of comprehensive instruction, our program is easy to implement and requires minimal preparation for teachers. We prioritize the student experience by offering self-paced lessons, progress monitoring, and accessible materials with audio support. Whether used as a Core Curriculum or a supplement, our program is designed to empower struggling readers and transform adolescent literacy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your students on their journey to success.


The Impact on Adolescent Learners

Participating in special education services or remediation classes can have a profound effect on an adolescent learner's identity and motivation. The goals of ThinkCERCA’s Foundational Reading program are two-fold. 

  1. To provide adolescent students with instruction over phonetic concepts and decoding that is age-appropriate. 
  2. Remove the stigma associated with being a struggling reader.

A Linguistic Approach

The secret behind ThinkCERCA’s approach lies in Linguistics. Linguistics, the study of language, offers valuable insights for learners at any level. Many fluent readers may not grasp the 'why' behind language rules and word origins. By incorporating linguistic principles into literacy education, our program benefits all students, from SAT test-takers to those learning to decode. Starting with a baseline Benchmark, students progress from micro-level phonetic concepts to understanding how dialects can impact the reading experience.


Comprehensive Instruction

The program comprises approximately 100 days of instruction, depending on the chosen implementation method. 

  • Each of the 18 units consists of 5-7 lessons.
  • Each lesson takes roughly 20 minutes to complete. 
  • Teachers require no additional preparation, making it an efficient choice for educators.

Engaging Learning Experience

Our program begins with:

A concise 2-3 minute video, providing audio and visual support to introduce essential concepts. The subsequent online lessons are self-paced and include practice exercises and progress monitoring. Following this, students engage with knowledge-building texts that reinforce their newly acquired skills.

Student-Centered and Self-Paced

ThinkCERCA's Foundational Reading program prioritizes the student experience. It incorporates spiral review and progress monitoring via quizzes, a pre-test, and a post-test to ensure mastery of the material.

Accessibility and Support

All lessons and texts within the program come with audio support, ensuring accessibility for all students. Additionally, we offer training and support through ThinkCERCA, including Professional Development and badging in the Science of Reading for Adolescents. 

Our program's implementation format is flexible, catering to 20, 45, or 90-minute sessions, with comprehensive guides, resources, and a dedicated Success Manager to guarantee your success, whether you use it as a Core Curriculum or a supplement.

Contact Us

ThinkCERCA's Foundational Reading program is LIVE on the platform for all customers. Please don't hesitate to contact your ThinkCERCA Success Manager today with any questions or email support@thinkcerca.com.

Not a ThinkCERCA partner? We’d love to chat about how we can transform adolescent literacy and empower struggling readers on their journey to success. Reach out today!