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From Mesopotamian Civilization to the Classification of Organisms, Here are Two New CERCA Sets

Newly released differentiated science and social studies sets just in time for back-to-school season


New CERCA set explores the question, “Was geography the most important factor in the development and demise of Mesopotamian civilization in the Fertile Crescent? In our newest social studies set, students explore how geography impacted life in the Fertile Crescent. Through differentiated readings, students weigh the positive and negative impacts of nature and geography on the world’s first civilization. They even have the opportunity to apply lessons learned from the demise of civilization in the Fertile Crescent to climate change in the modern world.

From dinosaurs to killer whales, our latest science CERCA set explores the question, “Why can it be difficult for scientists to classify organisms? In our latest differentiated set of science literacy lessons, students analyze findings and data from authentic scientific studies to learn about one of biologists’ most difficult tasks: classifying organisms. Students follow scientific reasoning based on evidence from DNA and fossils to decide how organisms should be classified and whether they should be reclassified.

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