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Prepare Your Students for Success on New York Regents Exams

As we've been spending more time with our amazing teachers and students in New York, we're hearing that the upcoming Regents exams are on everybody's minds. With ThinkCERCA's applied writing lessons across content areas, you can prepare your students for success on the Regents.

ThinkCERCA includes applied writing lessons in all subject areas: English Language Arts, math, science, and social studies. These writing lessons give students practice in analyzing complex texts and writing extended responses, including primary source documents in social studies and visual data in science.

In English Language Arts, ThinkCERCA provides opportunities for students to write arguments in response to informational texts on relevant, real-world issues, just like the texts they will see on the Regents.


Students also write extended literary analyses in response to both contemporary and classic short stories, drama excerpts, and poems.


In social studies, students will analyze both primary and secondary sources and answer document-based questions.


In science, students will analyze and evaluate data from text and visual sources.


And in math, students are presented with real-world situations and explain their mathematical reasoning with numbers and words.


The best test prep is great instruction every day, and ThinkCERCA helps provide the resources and tools to support that great instruction! Use ThinkCERCA's applied writing lessons in conjunction with our Minilessons to brush up on key literacy skills such as citing evidence or using conventions of English and our QuickCERCAs to build more background knowledge and gain additional practice on standards-aligned reading assessments.


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