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Product Update: "CERCA Starter" Is Now "Progress Monitoring"!

We heard that you loved our CERCA Starter lessons but wanted to be able to use them more flexibly in your classrooms throughout the year. To support the needs of classrooms with different schedules and levels of technology access, we've renamed the CERCA Starter to Progress Monitoring. They're the same great assessments, and now you can use them in the way that makes the most sense for your classroom and your students.

Check out the new Progress Monitoring library page here. 

Progress Monitoring includes a variety of automated and teacher-graded assessments:

  • Minilessons for assessing conceptual understanding
  • QuickCERCAs for assessing level of achievement on reading skills
  • Applied Lessons for gathering student writing samples
  • End of Year assessments with reading and writing for measuring student growth over the year

We recommend starting the year with Progress Monitoring sessions Why Do We Make Arguments? Parts 1 and 2 and Writing Baseline: Government Role in Health. These sessions will give you a good picture of where to place your students at the beginning of the year.

Then, use the remaining Progress Monitoring assessments periodically, two sessions at a time, to assess your students' growth and re-level your students as appropriate.

Finally, wrap up the year with our End of Year assessment to measure student growth on both reading and writing skills.

Need Help?

For more information on viewing and assigning Progress Monitoring, visit our support site or email us at support@thinkcerca.com with any questions.


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