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Product Update: Grade Level and Classroom Usage Reporting for Admins

Updated reporting tools for administrators.

It may be summer break, but the wheels that keep ThinkCERCA running never slow down. To give administrators better visibility into their team’s progress, we’ve updated our grade-level and classroom usage reporting features. Not only do these reports help administrators ensure that they’re hitting their targets, but they also provide visibility into student growth.

School and district administrators will now see a new report that shows the usage of the application in terms of assignments, for each student enrolled in the school. From this report, district admins can also edit every school roster in their district.

Pasted image at 2017_06_16 11_43 AM.pngGrade level report showing assigned lessons

Teachers and administrators can also access the Class Usage report from this view to see what is happening at the class level.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.31.17 PM.pngClassroom report showing a snapshot of how all the students are performing on "Reading Information."

We suggest administrators view these reports at least once a month to monitor their school’s progress toward getting to 10 Applied Lessons per student throughout the school year. As recent third-party studies suggest, students who regularly use Applied Reading and Writing lessons see up to three years of reading growth in a single school year.

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