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Product Update: Interactive Skills & Concepts Instruction

Prepare Students for the 21st Century with Interactive Lessons that Strengthen their Critical Literacy Skills

Our team of innovators, creators, and educators has been hard at work the last few months improving the way ThinkCERCA strengthens students’ critical literacy skills. As such, we are excited to introduce Skills & Concepts Instruction lessons to all of our ThinkCERCA Premium users.

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Skills & Concepts Instruction lessons are interactive lessons that are differentiated for grades 3-12 and aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards. Interactive questions are interspersed throughout the lessons, providing scaffolded checks for understanding as well as graded assessments.


Skills & Concepts Instruction Features:

  • Scaffold checks
  • Graded assignments
  • Highlighting, drag and drop, and annotation
  • Dynamic progress bar with instructional purpose
  • Optional guiding hints
  • Rationale for correct answers

Finding and Assigning Skills & Concepts Instruction:

Skills & Concepts Instruction lessons are filterable in the Lesson Library and can be narrowed down by grade level or standard.

These skills lessons can be used as both an introduction to new material or as a platform to practice and sharpen skills that have been previously introduced; they are especially effective when assigned in tandem with Applied Reading & Writing lessons.

Teachers can also use the Skills & Concepts Exemplar lessons to set students up for success on ThinkCERCA Applied lessons. Each exemplar lesson contains an introduction to ThinkCERCA's argumentative rubric and an example CERCA essay.

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