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New Social Studies and Science Lessons

We're excited to present more new Common Core-aligned social studies and science lessons this week. We've got world history, U.S. history, physics, environmental science--a little something for the whole team!

Social Studies

Paul Revere: What does the story of Paul Revere's ride reveal about the way history is remembered? These U.S. history lessons give students an opportunity to practice making arguments from evidence about the importance of Paul Revere's midnight ride. View lessons >>

Societal Hierarchies: How did the early Japanese, Chinese, and Korean peoples organize their societies? These world history lessons provide students with an opportunity to understand and use key vocabulary relating to Asian social hierarchies. View lessons >>

Voting Rights Act: What strategies were most effective in the struggle to pass the Voting Rights Act? In these U.S. history lessons, students analyze the important events that led to a major development in the civil rights movement. View lessons >> 


Radiation: Should people be concerned about everyday radiation exposure? These lessons provide students with an opportunity to make arguments based on the evidence about the effects of radiation exposure on humans. View lessons >> 

Personal Energy Use: What choices can an individual make to have an impact on energy use? In these lessons, students compare texts, including visual texts, to understand authors' purposes and techniques for building a convincing argument about how personal energy use impacts the environment as a whole. View lessons >>

Gravity: What makes gravity an important force on Earth and in space? These lessons introduce students to physicists from Newton to Einstein to Hawking as they explore how gravity works and what scientists continue to learn about this powerful force. View lessons >> 


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