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Keep Summer School Planning Easy With These Guides


We recently hosted our Summer School 2024 webinar featuring leaders from our Customer Success team for a fireside chat where they shared insights into making summer school an opportunity for growth.

Summer school programming can look different in every school, and more often than not, schedules, students, and content may look different than the regular school year. How do you create an opportunity for growth and plan when there are so many different variables to consider?

Look no further! Whether your students would benefit from using summer school to explore longer works, foundational reading, or a combination of both - check out these conversations and resources on best practices for summer school! 

✅ First up ... a deep dive into using Longer Works and our Book Club Implementation Guide

Summer is a critical time to build student literacy skills through reading longer works. ThinkCERCA’s collection of Longer Works Units (accessible to current customers only) provides 4-6 weeks of student guide activities and teacher facilitation guides for every step of a deep longer works study. These hybrid learning units are meant to be used with physical copies of the texts. The book club format can be modified and adapted to meet the needs of the students in a class. 

Whether you're a current ThinkCERCA user or not, the Book Club Implementation Guide has something for everyone!

✅  Utilize our Foundational Reading & Linguistics Course for Grades 6-12

Designed for students in grades 6-12 who are struggling with word recognition, phonological awareness, and decoding. The program follows a science of reading approach in providing systematic and explicit instruction to fill in foundational gaps that adolescent struggling readers will not close on their own or in a secondary Language Arts classroom.


Current customers can access the course now in our platform. New to ThinkCERCA, and interested in trying it out? Read on for a demo link to get started!

✅ Leverage reading and writing lessons, direct instruction, skills lessons, additional reading practices, student guides, and more with our 4-Week & 6-Week Summer School Guides 

Implement research-based routines quickly and easily to keep students engaged and on-task so you are more available to build relationships and personalize learning. These multi-week plans come with teacher presentations, online student lessons, and offline discussion and note-taking guides.

New to ThinkCERCA and interested in learning more and trying out the platform, start here!

As always, please reach out to your SSM or email support@thinkcerca.com with any questions. 

Happy Summer Planning!