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CERCA Now: Sustainable Farming


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How Can We Make Farming More Sustainable (1)

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Grade 3-Jun-06-2022-01-30-51-35-PM


Seaweed Solution

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Grade 3 (2)-3


Hydroponics and the Environmental Impact of Gardening

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Grade 4-Jun-06-2022-01-30-49-33-PM


Farming in the Sky

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Can hydroponic farming help fight climate change?

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Why are trees helpful to urban spaces?

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Why is a new "agricultural revolution" necessary for the survival of humans and planet Earth?

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Summarizing Informational Text

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Sports & Games in History


Leaders from around the world convened at the COP26 Climate Summit to discuss our collective environmental future. What do students need to know to understand the decisions that came out of COP26?

With this week’s set of slides focused on the carbon cycle, we give students the tools and resources to engage as astute participants in conversations about climate.

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