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CERCA Now: Taxes



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Grade 3-Apr-11-2022-12-34-59-44-PM


What is Congress?

Grade 3 (2)-1


What are midterm elections, and why are they important?

Grade 4-Apr-11-2022-12-34-58-51-PM


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Lady Justice is the avatar for justice. Why is she blindfolded?
Why does she carry a scale?



Research pictures of the Supreme Court over time. How has the makeup of the Supreme Court changed over time to be more representative of the American people?

All Together for the Camera: A History of the Supreme Court’s Group Photograph


Why are some people questioning the constitutionality of lifetime judicial appointments?

Are Supreme Court term limits unconstitutional?

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Determining the Meanings of Words and Phrases

Summarizing Informational Texts

CERCA Slides: Leadership

Social Studies-themed CERCA slides take up the compelling question, “What makes a good leader?” From an upper elementary investigation of students as “researcher-leaders” to multisource engagement with historical figures including Toussaint Louverture and Clara Barton, the focus is on their ideas, initiative in times of crisis, and enduring impact.