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ThinkCERCA and Follett Knowledge Fund Partner, Announce Completion of $3.2M Series A Round

This week, ThinkCERCA and the Follett Knowledge Fund publicly announced a strategic partnership focused on broadening student access to reading and writing technology tools. Alongside the announcement, ThinkCERCA marked the close of its $3.2 million Series A round, its first major round of venture capital financing.

About the partnership and funding, Eileen Murphy Buckley said,

"As a teacher and a former district administrator, I saw the huge gap between available technology and what was required to teach these complex skills to all students in actual classroom practice. This investment, coupled with our strategic partnership with Follett, a trusted partner to so many schools, can help us scale our research-based approach to drive student outcomes, which is why we are so excited."

Read more about the partnership and funding via PRNewswire >> 

Photo by Maurizio Pesce, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

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