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Product Update: AI Automated Feedback


To support educators on their continuous journey of growth and improvement, we are thrilled to introduce the new ThinkCERCA AI Automated Feedback ✨.

The ThinkCERCA team is thrilled to unveil the Beta release of our AI-driven automated feedback for students, now available for a select set of lessons. After ThinkCERCA won the 2021-2022 Tools Competition, Senior Data Scientist Dr. Harry A. Layman led our team to develop AI Automated Feedback around our CERCA framework!

Dive into the AI-Driven Automated Feedback Beta by assigning a lesson from this curated set:

➡️ Grade 6: Fish Cheeks

➡️ Grade 6:  Mount Taylor

➡️ Grade 7: Building Better Drivers

➡️ Grade 7: The World Wants Air Conditioning

➡️ Grade 8: Pythons Invade the Florida Everglades

➡️ Grade 9: You Can Track Almost Everything Your Kids Do Online. Here’s Why That May Not Be a Good Idea

➡️ Grades 9-10: Women's History Month

➡️ Grade 9: Should there be limits on freedom of speech?

➡️ Grade 10: America's Clean Water Crisis Goes Far Beyond Flint. There's No Relief in Sight

1. Students ask for feedback when they are ready for it.image6

2. Claim and Evidence feedback helps the student know what’s working and what to do next.

This student has a clear claim and some evidence. The feedback prompts them to consider discussing a core concept of “clear and present danger” to improve her evidence even more.


3.  Students can apply the feedback they get and get more feedback as often as they like (as long as they’re making changes!)

The student adds more about the “clear and present danger” concept and asks for more feedback.image13

4. The system will continue to offer feedback and students can rate their feedback.

Now that the student as addressed a key concept in evidence, the system reminds them that quoting directly from their sources can also bolster their argumentimage14

Eileen Murphy, ThinkCERCA’s visionary Founder and CEO notes, “Writing is the new coding. With the power to think critically and write well, students can move beyond clearer communication. They can literally build and create with greater agency than ever before. This is a huge win for public education, which is the incubator of both our democracy and our economy. Critical thinking is at the intersection of both and this tool fosters these powerful skills.”

What was it made for?

Our tool was developed to be a student-facing experience providing students the opportunity to get immediate, personalized feedback on their writing.

Trained on real student work and ThinkCERCA tasks, our AI offers actionable feedback, guiding improvements in claims and evidence, and encouraging editing and revision.

We understand that implementing a new instructional approach can be challenging. Whether you're new to ThinkCERCA or a seasoned pro, you'll find resources and guidance that will help you effectively integrate our platform into your teaching. Our mission is clear: to support you as you navigate your teaching journey, offering comprehensive and standards-aligned curriculum materials that streamline your teaching process and empower your students.

If you don't have access to ThinkCERCA but are interested in learning how ThinkCERCA can be your literacy partner, watch a short demo here.

If you need help navigating our AI, we are here for you! Send us an email to support@thinkcerca.com and we'll support you.