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Think Critically, Think Collaborative, ThinkCERCA
The tools & content teachers need to deliver
personalized critical thinking instruction across disciplines.

ThinkCERCA In The Classroom

What is ThinkCERCA?

ThinkCERCA is a school-wide framework for coordinating team efforts to personalize literacy skill development. ThinkCERCA provides the tools and content to enable teachers to be strategic in helping students think critically and make effective arguments about anything.


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Teach your students how to think critically, engage with peers through the process of academic argumentation, and build the writing skills needed to succeed.

Tools for Success

Introduce Key Skills with our Minilessons

  • Guides instruction of skills and concepts for text comprehension, conventions of english language, and critical thinking.
  • Digital “flip book” format with audio support allows for flexible delivery – live presentation, self-paced, or small group and they are always available for review.
  • Provides real-time assessment data back to teachers based on understanding of skill.

ThinkCERCA lessons

Practice Close Reading & Argumentation with Applied Lessons

  • Combination of literary and informational texts from publications like The New York Times, PBS, Science News for Kids, and many more!
  • Expert Lesson design guides students through the process of reading a text closely, engaging in peer-to-peer debate, and writing a final paper or alternative project.
  • Interactive argument builder graphic organizers helps students organize their pre-writing for final product.

Track Student Growth in Real-Time

  • Data from auto-assessment and authentic teacher grading of student work with CCSS-aligned rubrics.
  • Teachers can track “Growth Focus” areas to work in teams to help students reach the next level of proficiency.
  • Aligned to NWEA, College Readiness Standards, CCSS & EPAS.
  • Easily share data with students, parents, and administrators.
  • ThinkCERCA stores students’ Career & College Readiness Portfolios with teacher feedback to analyze trends and see progress.
ThinkCERCA stats

ThinkCERCA stats

Use the CERCA Framework for Literacy Across Disciplines

  • Our easy-to-use lesson design helps teacher turn any text into a debatable, standards aligned lesson!
  • Provides a common language and a common core practice to help kids make relevant connections from subject to subject and from school to real life.
  • A common set of CERCA, standards-aligned rubrics allows teachers to collaborate around real student work to personalize individual student growth.

Awards and Press

ThinkCERCA In The Classroom
Why use ThinkCERCA in your classroom

Debatable questions are just better than non-debatable questions. They turn Bloom’s taxonomy upside down by presenting real motivation to remember, understand, and comprehend. Every ThinkCERCA™ lesson prepares students for career and college by presenting authentic critical thinking challenges that we face in our lives and careers. When we are challenged with debate, we are motivated to apply argumentation skills, to analyze, to evaluate and to create new knowledge.